2011 Aftermath Ohio Family Reunion

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It was that time of the year again where we all get our trucks out for one last big blowout. This has been planned for awhile now, and one of the main reasons we chose October 22 was one of our club members from Texas (Big Rob) was gonna be coming through. The Aftermath Ohio club president, Jason Freeman, has also called this event “Freeman HalloOctobercampndragfest 2011″. The plan was for everyone to camp out in his huge yard, but it got down into the 30’s last night. Hard nipples were not in the itinerary.

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Within the past few weeks, someone had the idea to incorporate a poker run. I’ve never actually been a part of one of those, so I was definitely in. When the details for this were forming, we realized it was more or less all of the guys meeting at one house, hanging out for a bit, heading to another house, chill, and so on and so on. No poker would be involved, but we liked the title, so we kept it.

So we all planned to meet at 11:30 Saturday morning at one of our member’s house. Most of the people were there by the time I rolled in around noonish, and a few later stragglers rolled in shortly after me. After 30-45 minutes of shit talking and jokes, we couldn’t wait for food, so we decided to go straight to the first food venue of the day. Frickers on Miller Lane has some damn good chicken chunks, and they even had a whole empty row of parking spots that was perfect for some photos.

A few other people joined in for lunch, and of course one of them got “iced”, which is pretty standard around most of us. From my seat, it appeared to be an illegal icing from the waitress, he denied the icing, then the waitress said he couldn’t order until he drank it. Classic! After we overdosed on poultry (pollo for our down south readers), it was off to get gas, cold beverages, ice (for coolers, not Smirnoff), and then we each took turns dominating that Speedway bathroom.

Our next cruising destination was the park behind my house. Just a couple of baseball fields and a closed concession stand, but they have a big open parking lot. So we got in our formation again for another photo opportunity. Then we crossed the fence into my yard and checked out the bodydropped Sonoma project going on in my garage. Club members Jew and Lesh are doing work on Jew’s sheetmetal bed! (Be on the lookout for this sick truck in 2012!) Once again, just another house/garage for everyone to hang out and talk smack to each other. Hey, it’s what we do best. After an hour or so, we were ready to drive to our final destination.

By 4:30 or 5:00, most of the crew was present and accounted for. I was out taking photos, the grill was getting fired up, and the drinks were affecting a select few. Mainly one. LOL. Throughout the evening and night, there were minitruck DVDs playing, beer pong games, a fierce croquet game, a pitch black photoshoot, and more memories than we can remember. One of the guy’s trucks was hidden out in the woods for a couple hours or so. That was interesting when he realized it was gone. I stayed until about 1am and there was still a decent amount of people there.

I’d have to say it was one of my favorite truck events of the year. A lot of cruising throughout the day, a lot of good food, and just relaxing with good weather. Well, until it became borderline winter at night. I’m hoping more chapters in the club can make it out next year. Again, I want to thank everyone that had a hand in setting this up, all the people who attended, and to all the people who spent time dealing with this insane group of people I like to call family!

And now to the photos. I hope these photos help you feel like you were there with us all day and night. Thanks for checking it out and remember to share the shit out this site!

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