Air Suspension – The Best Performance Enhancer

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This is a guest post by Rob Lobitz of Street Beat Customs.

Truck enthusiasts are a breed apart; they are avid in their love of trucks, and the more ‘macho’ the truck the larger the love!

Like car enthusiasts, truck owners want to ‘trick out’ their ride, however, they also expect their truck to be able to fly over the worst terrain possible, winch larger vehicles out of ditches and tow huge loads, all the while ‘looking good’.

The addition of air suspension kits to a truck is not just to ‘bounce’ or ‘hop’. Air suspension kits keep the vehicle level, improve towing capability, breaking, cornering and the feel of the ride. They are also invaluable at truck shows; you will finally be able to get the ‘show stance’ that you want for your truck.

Air SuspensionAll air suspension kits are not created equal. To ensure that you get what you need, and want, check the following before you purchase:

1. Towing Capacity
Verify that the towing capacity is adequate for what you want to tow.

2. Quality of Materials:
The use of quality materials will ensure that your air suspension system will last for years even when being used under the harshest conditions.

3. Ease of Use:
Ensure that the controls for your system are easily accessible (inside the cab is best), and that they are easy to understand and use. No one wants a performance enhancer on their truck that takes a bachelors degree to operate.

4. Warranty:
Make sure that there is an adequate warranty on the kit. If the more expensive kit offers a one-year warranty, and the less expensive kit offers a 90-day warranty, which one do you think will be a better buy in the long run?

Lastly, plan on having the kit professionally installed. No matter how much you like to ‘do-it-yourself‘ you will be better off having the professional installation. After all, the last thing you want is to be in nasty terrain and have your air suspension fail. That would be one heck of a tow bill! Probably more than the professional install.


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