Blacktop Bash 6

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A little over a year ago, someone posted something on Facebook about a local hot rod cruise-in that happens every fall. I love fall weather and I love hot rods. Perfect combo! I didn’t have much going on that day last year, so I checked it out. Blacktop Bash 5 was a damn good time to say the least! I wish I stayed all night as I heard it got a little crazy. My kind of fun! I’ve been looking forward to the 2011 show ever since, and now, October 15 was finally here!

(To see all of the Blacktop Bash 6 show coverage, click here. Then use the navigation links at the top and bottom of each page.)

Blacktop Bash 6, like all the others, was held at Sinister Hot Rods in Lewisburg, Ohio. It’s a good size area, but I have a feeling they may need to add some parking for the hot rods or move it to a bigger venue. Regardless, everyone that comes here knows how to have a good time. Me and couple buddies got there just after 1pm and it was almost at maximum capacity within the first hour! I’d say there were probably 100-200 rides there. Maybe more in total throughout the whole day.

There was a live band for awhile, a few vendors setup, great food (including their famous fried bologna sandwich), and just an all around good vibe in the air. Not to mention the great weather. No rain and just cool enough to put a hoody on. At these type of shows, it’s amazing how much money goes into these, but in a lot of cases, you’d never know from the outside. The term “rat rod” gets thrown around a lot, but I consider these hot rods with their own unique, weathered style. And of course the majority of these rides are making some nice, raw horsepower. There were even a few drag cars that were fired up at one point. If that’s not music to your ears, I’d make a doctors appointment soon!

I already had plans for the night, so I left around 4:30. 3.5 hours was easily enough time to check everything out, but I’m sure staying the whole time would have been insane. I’m sure when the sun came up on Sunday, Route 40 in front of the shop was tattooed with a ton of tire marks from the late night burnouts. It was also cool to walk into the shop and see what they were working on. The inside of their shop is pretty damn cool. Lots of old parts, signs, etc hanging around. Just an old, nostalgic feel.

As I was leaving, I noticed one of the Road Devil guys shaking everyone’s hand as they left. When I was pulling out, he said, “Thanks a lot for coming out. Hope you had a great time.” My response, “Great time man! I’ll see you next year!” Then I remembered, my wedding is next October, and will likely fall on the same weekend as Blacktop Bash 7 or the Dropt & Destroyed show. Obviously the wedding takes priority, but I plan to attend one of these kickass shows! If you have never been to either, I strongly recommend both! Anyways, on with the show coverage. Enjoy…

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  1. Randy, Great article and coverage. That’s my yellow 57 F100. We too left at 430 but had 213 miles to get back home. Staying next year!

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