Camp & Drag 2010 – Waveland, Indiana

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It was the Thursday night, right before the show, and I’m in the garage at 11pm just staring at my truck. I’ve had this truck over five years and for the last two years, it was just sitting outside or in a garage completely inoperable. With the help of my dad, Lesh (the wiring god), and some other close friends, this truck has came a long way. And on that night, I was for sure I was driving this truck 3 hours away to the middle of nowhere Indiana. The procrastination in me also came out that night. I had planned on having everything buttoned up on the truck so I wouldn’t have to do anything Friday morning. Haha, good thought.

I woke up at 7:30am on Friday, went straight out to the garage and began laying carpet down. Of course I shouldn’t try to do too much that early. The carpet Dan gave me was perfect, but I didn’t measure twice and cut once. So there were a few patched areas on the passenger side that pissed me off. Anyways, like everything else in my life, this task took all the way til about 10:30. Then as I was bolting the seat and seatbelts back in, Lesh came over and was ready to go. Little did he know that I still had a lot of shit to do before we rolled out. Of course our plan was to be at Freeman’s house in Brookville by noon. So I jump in the shower, pack all my stuff, start piling stuff in the extended cab of the bodydrop, then proceed to tell him that I’m going to drive to Downtown Dayton and pick up some new shirts. I thought he was gonna take a sledgehammer to my truck’s windows. So I left him in my garage to clean the wheels and windows and pack his shit in there.

So I get to the printer and the DMT shirts came out perfect! Exactly how I pictured them. I ordered more of the old design and also a new design. I knew they’d be a big hit at the show, so I had to get them. I get back home around 12:30 and the truck is packed up and laid out in the driveway. Awesome to see it as I pulled up. I grabbed a few more things and off we were. Once we got to Brookville, there were a lot of people at Freeman’s all hyped up about the show. We all couldn’t wait. I thought I was the one everyone was waiting on. Then a couple more showed up. Within the hour, we were all loaded up, gassed up, aired up, and getting on I-70 to make the westbound journey to camp all weekend long. And I think it was about 1:30pm when we departed.

Within a minute, I was cruising an inch or two off the highway asphalt. Damn it felt great. It’s been about 25 months since I last did that. But this time, I had a V8 sitting in front of me! It had to be one of the hottest weekends of the year. It was way too humid for any outside activity, but the truck was running at a good temperature, the tranny was staying cool, and the heat barrier material on the floor was keeping us cool. Of course there is no A/C in the truck, but we are hardcore. Shortly after we entered Indiana, we made a quick pit stop on the side of the road to add more zip ties to one of my electric fans. If that was to fall off, that would have ruined the trip. After a minute or two, we were back on the road.

Finally, after a three hour drive, plus a couple gas/snack/piss stops, we were turning into Waveland Park. Yes, my truck made it all the way there with no problems! Amazing! A few of us went last year and it was amazing. Just the perfect atmosphere. This year we had a huge caravan of minitruckers staying all weekend. It was about 5-6pm and the sun was still beating down on us. After a quick search, we decided on camping in the exact same spot as last year. And at that moment, we knew every year from now on, we would hold that spot down. The tents and E-Z Ups were all setup. The grill was fired up. And the beer began to flow. It was the first night and you could just feel the excitement in the air. Everyone there had been waiting 365 long days to get here and meet up with old friends, show off their new projects, unveil finished works of art on wheels, and to just relax all weekend long.

Just like last year, there was cruising going on 24/7. At one point, we jumped into Paul’s (new Aftermath prospect out of Cincy) old Burban and went draggin around the camp ground. And when I say we I mean a total of 10 people. After 5 minutes of it, it was time for some 0 PSI draggin, which turned into us pushin it back to the campsite. If you’re curious why we were pushing it, yes, the driveshift broke. I would have been so pissed off that whole night, but Paul had high hopes and continued to party down, as did we all. Well, it was around 9 or 10pm and DJ Tayfur had to take a snooze. Burgers and dogs on the grill, ice cold beer, Honey Jager, loud music, a sea of bagged trucks… we were livin the dream.

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to move the trucks inside the show area. Which was about 10 feet away on the other side of a plastic fence and cost $20 to get in. Oh well, we are always down to support the scene. But it was so hot out so we stayed under the tents most of the day. Oh, I almost forgot, Paul and Scott left around 8am to go to a local junkyard for a new driveshaft. In no time, they were back, had it installed, and was laid out in the show. Amazing! By about noon, we were tempted to sign up for the minitrucker olympics. This was going to be an all out drunk fest. Halfway to the sign up booth, we all turned around as we about passed out from the heat on the 200 ft walk. And we knew consuming 30 beers in an hour would destroy each and everyone of us. So back under the shade we went. I sold some DMT gear, we cooked up some more food, we took some pics, and we tried to talk to everyone who walked by. Well, really it was just me saying “What’s up? Nah, just chillin…” to every person that walked past.

Right around that time is when a couple of the guys tried to pull a fast one on me. I went and got my million dollar air cleaner out and sat it up on the grilling table trying to sell it. It sat there for a while and I decided I needed to put a sign on it. So as I was about to write $180 on it, I thought, why don’t I put $10 real big and then an 8 between the 1 and the 0, just to stir up some interest, and to be legal I made an asterisk with the terms and conditions in case anyone brought their lawyer. Well, we got 1 guy who was really interested, and I’m still not sure why he even had to ask his buddy if $10 was a good deal or not. But he quickly walked away when he heard the real price. Anyways, about 30-45 minutes into this live craigslist posting, someone said, hey, did someone buy your air cleaner. I said no, why? They said, well, there is a $10 bill laying there and it’s gone. I was pissed to say the least. No one was saying shit, so I said screw it, I’m going to take pics and see if I see anyone walking around with it. I didn’t see it but I did get a few great shots while I was blowing off some steam, in the heat. I came back and was in a better mood and most everyone left. The few that were still hanging around filled me in on some info about the air cleaner that went MIA. When the rest returned, it didn’t take long for the thieves to fess up. I then learned it was installed on Paul’s Burban the whole time. Good try Tayfur. I mean, I was pissed but I figured it was you. I almost kept his $10. Haha.

An hour or two later was the truck limbo contest. The lowest of the low compete to see who can drive under a limbo bar that gets lowered after each pass. Some people just want to be in a contest I guess, cuz if you walk around and see a few trucks obviously lower than you, why even try? Anywho, I got up close to get a few pics. There were a couple trucks that I knew were gonna be close, but then a pink Toyota with the roof cut off came out of nowhere and took it’s windshield out, then proceeded to smash the pillars down. So now, it was obvious to see who the winner was gonna be. It was a truck with no top at all, so ya, it was like 2-3 foot tall. All that to say you won. Hey, whatever floats their boat and keeps me entertained! The rest of the night consisted of more food, beverages, cruising, and partying. Me and Griffin cruised around in mine, til a compressor fuse blew and we rigged it up to get back to the camp site. But then, not even 10 minutes later, it poured down rain like no other. We thought a tornado was coming for sure. Luckily we had two E-Z Ups set up to brace the storm. We still got a little wet, but shit, it was like a rave under the tent. And we proceeded to kill the rest of the Honey Jager and cook about 20 hot dogs. It was epic!

After the storm, it was time to walk around and see how the other minitruckers were partying down. Severed and Negative Camber obviously know how to party. That is usually where the mass amounts of people are. I even saw a drunk girl stumble into my truck then walk over to a huge group of people and talk smack to another girl, who then punched her right in the grill. We seen an ambulance coming in, thinking it was to pick up this girl who was a complete wreck, just bleeding all over herself, and basically naked, laying in the mud. She was ok and probably just went back to her tent to sleep off her mistakes. But I found out a guy missed his step coming out of an RV, broke his leg, and the bones were sticking through his skin. That is hard to imagine, and I’d probably faint if that happened to me! Back to partying, we were all passing some liquor bottles around and doing some crazy antics. This all lasted til about 3-4am when it started to die down, so we all made it to our tents as we had another 3 hour drive back home in the morning. But as “quiet-time” was upon us, Lesh became to world record holder of the Isuzu Dixie Horn Challenge! The rules were simple, hold the horn down as long as you can. For your information, the record is 18. And if you were awake at that point, you still can’t get that sound out of your head.

Early Sunday morning was here in no time. Everything was packed up and I was working on fixing the wiring for the compressor fuse. It took forever and we determined it was too small of wiring and too small of a fuse. With limited parts and tools, we wired it up with no fuse for the drive home. We waited around for a few stragglers and couldn’t wait any longer. A quick gas fill up and off we went at about 11am. We made an Arby’s pit stop half way for lunch, then we were back at it. As we were getting real close to home, we pulled over for a truck fire. Brandon’s truck’s air management caught fire in his bed and Burkett and Lesh were out there wiring it up on the side of the highway. A few minutes to rig it up to make it home, and we were back on 70-East heading to Brookville. I stopped to get gas and then cruised over to Freeman’s one last time to pick up a few things. I must add how great my truck is on gas. I was expecting something horrible like 5-7mpg, but really, it’s like 15-20mpg on the highway!

We went down his driveway and got to checkout Travis’ truck in person. It didn’t get to make it to the show since it had an upset stomach or something, but it held it down at the Air Hill Cruise-In over the weekend. We then learned of Paul’s next battle with bad luck. He took a different route home as we passed Indianapolis as he lives further south then us. As he was getting close to his hometown of Cincinnati, he cracked one of this 24″ wheels. Just for the record, Ohio has the worst roads, by far! Sucks, but it’s good to hear he should be rollin on smoothies soon, also in the 2foota size. We didn’t stay long, as we were also eager to get home. As soon as we pulled into my driveway, we quickly got our stuff out, Lesh headed home, I pulled the truck in the garage, and I instantly laid down in bed. My girlfriend brought Skyline home, then I instantly passed out. I was drained and exhausted to say the least. But my truck made it there and back, 99% problem free. It was awesome and I still can’t believe it! I’m glad Camp and Drag 2010 was it’s first show after the re-birth. I’ll see everyone again out there in 2011 with my truck even further along! Up next, the RA Show in Millington, TN, September 3-5. Click here for all the coverage!

Severed Ties Texas Bodydropped Toyota Tundra

Negative Camber VW Bug

Aftermath Randy Johnson's Bodydropped Sonoma


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