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This is one of my favorite shows, and the only one I camp at. I’ve been ready to make the 3 hour trip from Dayton, Ohio out to Waveland, Indiana for awhile. Basically since last July! Camp and Drag just has the perfect atmosphere for a minitruck show. It’s not too big, not too small, and it brings in some of the baddest rides from all over the country.

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Always Last Minute

Once again, I stayed up late the night before to pack everything and make sure the truck was ready. All seemed good, then I hear an air leak somewhere. Luckily it was just one of my gauges and was a quick fix. I didn’t take off work since I was using several vacation days at the end of the month, so I made the painful trip to work on Friday.

Sitting at work all day while I get countless messages from people already at the Lake Waveland Campgrounds. I sure was jealous, but when 4:00 hit, I was out the door and flying home to get my truck out of the garage. I made a gas and grocery pit stop, and to I-70 I went. I met up with the Aftermath Ohio chapter head not too far from my house and I followed him as we made our westward journey. He was trailering his green doored Silverado and I was driving my red bodied Sonoma.

Hold Up…

Not even an hour into the trip, we hit the traffic that everyone had been talking about. Or so we thought. We moved about 100 feet over the course of the next hour. Cars were shut off, drivers were making daring u-turns in the median and shoulder, people were even walking their dogs around. Traffic was at a complete standstill. Unfortunately, we were informed there had been a fatality just down the road and the highway was shutdown for awhile. Very sad.

After sitting for awhile longer, we decided to drive up the shoulder a bit and make the quick u-turn. We jumped off the first exit and got on 40 which for the most part runs along 70. We drove on that for 45 minutes and then got back on 70. Well, we hit traffic almost immediately. Great. This was actually the construction traffic that everyone got stuck in.

Finally, we were moving again and made it to the west side of Indianapolis. Of course it was dark by now and we needed gas with all the sitting we had been doing. We filled up and then made a quick liquor store run. We even made a ghetto license plate light for my truck as I didn’t hook the real one up after the truck got painted. Anyways, back on the road. We were just minutes away, cruising on the country road, the moon shining bright, and no one else to be seen. Even the temperature was just right outside. Getting the V8 in my truck up to a higher speed just felt right. Until the cop out of nowhere does a u-turn and pulls me over. Great.

Welcome to Camp & Drag

Well, around 11pm, we are there! And yes, I had a $151 speeding ticket in hand too. After the 5-6 hour trip and dealing with Mrs. Johnny Law, we were ready for a few cold beverages and to walk around in the dark. There were so many badass rides already there, and I couldn’t wait to see everything in the light, and to see how many more would show up in the morning. After a couple rounds of “Shine Time”, it was time to get some much needed sleep.

3 hours of sleep later, we are making food and talking about the shenanigans from the night before. We are always good for a few laughs and random stories. Ask around. Haha. With everyone awake and ready to take on the day, we pulled our trucks into the show and began to wander around. There were tons of vendors, shops, and of course, amazing quality everywhere you looked. Severed Ties was rolling deep at the show!! One of their rides that really caught my eye was the Cavalier on the ground with the huge wheels and a v8 motor. I’m not much of a car fan, but it was totally mini-inspired and is gonna be badass when finished! And I’m a sucker for the old blue/white VW bus.

I started taking pics around 1pm and it was so damn hot out! I had to keep taking breaks in the shade. I’d say I took around 300 shots and spent about 3-5 hours doing it. I was running out of energy and I had pretty much walked the show grounds a couple times over. Oh ya, two more sick ass rides that I couldn’t stop thinking about were the gold bodied single-cab Colorado and the old mini pulling the bodied camper. A lot of cool shit to see! And the old black/white Bronco. So sick! I also met up real quick with John Mata from Minitruckin Magazine. We’ve talked a few times online (and we follow each other on Instragram, I’m bigran82 on there), so it was good to finally meet in person. I hooked him up with a Mini Truck Scene shirt and it was cool to hear he wore it at the show on Sunday!

Cover Truck Party

It was way past food-30, so we headed back to our grills and cooked up burgers, dogs, chicken, and deer. We always try to camp in the same place every year and we were lucky enough to snag that spot again for the 3rd straight year. It’s right were the road Y’s off and you’d make a right. Everyone drives past all day long and we usually instigate some dragging and laughter. As the day was turning into night, we all put a hand in on cleaning off the green fullsize to make sure it was as shiny as could be. It was then on it’s way to the low spot in the road between the lake and the swamp to get shot for the cover of Street Trucks magazine by Jason Mulligan. Pretty damn cool to have seen a truck go from just bagged about 6 or 7 years ago to this full blown cover truck. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy who has put so much work into this truck and helped a ton of others with their trucks along the way. Congrats Freeman!

After that, it was time to party. And party we did. We made our rounds on the back of an empty trailer checking out all areas of the campgrounds. I had never been to the way back area where they have a water slide. Who knew that would turn into a nude beach at midnight! Crazy people and their lack of inhibitions! And I felt like it was my duty to pass around the last bit of everclear to some random spectators who were more than willing to drink the devil’s gasoline. I can only imagine those nice people went on to make some bad decisions that night. I’m such a party starter.

Not to mention all the random yelling we all do when badass trucks are driving by. All in good fun. At one point, I stumbled over to my truck to grab a stack of stickers and began flagging minitruckers down as they were driving by, “MINI TRUCK SCENE DOT COM!! MINI TRUCK SCENE DOT COME!! FREE STICKER!! MINI TRUCK SCENE WOO HOO!” Ya, that was me. Haha. Well into the morning, and pretty tired, it was time to crash in the tent once again. Not looking forward to waking up and driving home, but I needed to at least get another few hours of sleep again.

Leaving Too Soon

Up early again, most of us were eager to get back home to shower and sleep. The trucks were loaded up, tents packed away (or left if they were destroyed), and all the trash piled up. We exited the Camp & Drag venue, made a quick stop at the gas station, and we were back on the road again. What a weekend! My goal for 2012 (besides having my truck further along): have a vendor booth setup!

Thanks again to everyone who stalked me down to grab some shirts, stickers, and DVDs. If I had a booth setup, it would have made it a lot easier. I plan to have several shirt designs, more DVDs, more hats, more stickers, and a lot more. I was totally unprepared this year and had too many things going on. Very busy year but with a lot of exciting things! 2012 will be even more exciting! Stay tuned and keep supporting this amazing scene!

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