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Out of all the shows I go to every year, this one always stands out. Maybe it’s because it’s the only one I typically camp at, or maybe it’s because so many badass trucks from all over attend, or maybe it’s because I usually party too hard and forget much of the crazy weekend.

This year was no different, from all of the above! A good size group of trucks met around 9am Friday morning and we set off on our 3-4 hour excursion. Of course I drive slow and also got stuck at the first light, so I rolled solo the whole way. Haha.

I pulled into good ol Lake Waveland Park around 1pm and couldn’t wait to get in, get my tent setup, open up the cooler, and just “relax” with a campground full of minitruckers. Everyone in my crew had only been there for a short time, so we were all busy with tents, but before we knew it, the beer pong balls were flyin, and the moonshine was being consumed at a rapid rate.

Instead of walking around the park, we always pile up in one of our trucks and cruise for awhile. There’s so much going on, it’s almost more fun to be a drunk passenger being hauled around. Unless you’re like me. I drank too much moonshine Friday night, fell in my friend’s bed while he was driving, bruised my knees, and burned my forehead on one of his AZ compressors. Take it from me, blacking out is not a good time. Pace yourself at the next show and remember all the crazy times. Wait… “minitruckers” and “pace yourself” do not belong in the same sentence. Haha

Saturday morning comes way too fast every year, probably because it’s hard to sleep on an air mattress for too long, and there’s always someone or something causing noise which can always be heard through the paper-thin, temporary tent housing. (I need to invest in a brick tent maybe.) I was ready to head to the showers but couldn’t find my iPhone in my tent. I quickly checked in my truck, asked my friends, checked their trucks, and walked around for a bit searching for it.

I basically gave up and assumed my phone was gone. After the nasty shower, brushing my teeth, killing some water, and eating some food, I was feeling a bit more alive, but losing my phone (that has my license and credit cards in the case) put me in the worst mood ever. Just after noon, I heard a noise in my truck. I searched for it hardcore and found my phone tucked up underneath something under my seat. Damn, all that worrying for nothing. I’m an idiot.

Back on cloud 9, a worker approached me on a golf cart with a raffle ticket proposition. 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. She said she’d do 6 for $20 if I bought right now. I said, how bout an arm length. She said ok. Measures the tickets to the length of her arm and asks if that’s good? I said, no, I’m talking arms stretched out, finger tip to finger tip. She said, whatever, no one is buying them. After I bought them she said I had to be present to win and they weren’t doing it til awards. I planned on leaving early Sunday morning, but I wasn’t passing this up.

Anyways, I knew I better get out and do some coverage. I walked the whole show area and got as much as I could up until the truck limbo. It’s awesome being this close to a show that brings in this much quality! Seeing so many new projects and finished rides keeps me glued to these rides, almost hard to move along and capture all the awesomeness.

Gearing up to watch my dude Mike win the lowest truck contest with his old Bronco, I put my camera back in my tent. Once I get alcohol in my hands, I almost always put the camera away. I know what kind of damage I’m capable of. Instead of beer this night, I opted for a Cayman Jack Margarita kind of night (better than Bud Light Lime-a-rita for sure). Maybe I should skip alcohol at shows and take pics 24/7. I’ll keep that idea in mind.

Most of Saturday night was spent chilling at the Aftermath compound watching everyone drive by. And by watching, I mean being loud as hell like normal being the center of attention. We always have an entertaining group of people, that’s for sure. There’s always a handful of sayings that are created at every show, YOLO stands out right now (You’re Overweight Like Oprah).

The grill stayed fired up, the music was on blast, and of course a ton of rides were cruising up and down the main strip in the campground til the early morning hours. I think I made my way back into the tent around 4am once the majority of the epicness was coming to an end.

A few hours of rest and I heard people packing up. I got all my stuff tore down and loaded up in my truck, and watched everyone roll out as I hung out for a few more hours waiting on the raffle drawing and awards. I met up with a few people and we shared stories from the past 48 hours.

Noon on Sunday was here and I bet they raffled off 15-25 things. Looking at the numbers of all 28 tickets I had, I was hoping to at least win something. To my surprise, they ended up calling 7 of my tickets! WTF!? After the second winning ticket, people yelled rigged, scam, setup, cheater, etc. Imagine what they said at the 7th. Haha. At one point, I was giving my winning tickets away to be the nice guy. Once that awkwardness was over, I ended up with some really awesome stuff… thirt, (2) Air Lift bags, badass Frankenstein shift knob, (2) Solo Films DVDs, and a MA Audio crossover. Luck was on my side for that for sure, definitely appreciated!

A couple guys from my club got Top 50 awards but weren’t there to receive them. I was able to pick them up for them and they were pretty damn cool. Custom aluminum, laser-cut Camp & Drag plaques. Very nice! And I would hate to have been the people doing judging, trying to narrow it down to the top 50. Even a top 100 would have been hard. And the specialty/best-of awards were sick!

Walking back to my truck, I felt the show went by way too fast. But I guess that’s how all these shows are… you can’t wait to leave and get there, then in a blink of an eye, you’re on your way back home. Definitely glad I didn’t run into any problems on the trip. I had to celebrate at some random Mexican restaurant halfway home. After hitting food coma status, I was definitely ready to pass out in my real bed for hours. And I did just that!

Every year, I feel almost every show gets bigger and better. And this is no exception. 2013 is gonna be insane. Is it here yet?? Gotta throw a big shout out to Bill, the whole Balistik club, and everyone else responsible for putting on one hell of a show every year. This is my fourth appearance and I don’t plan on ever missing it. If you haven’t been, get your ass there next year!

Thanks for reading, check out the coverage below, share this page, and keep on livin in the best scene around… the Mini Truck Scene!


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