Drop Em Wear First Fourth Annual Show

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I’ve been wanting to attend the Drop Em Wear Annual Show for the past few years, and just haven’t been able to make it down there. Fortunately this year, I was able to get some coverage from a fellow Ohio minitrucker, Andrew Dieringer!

(To see all of the Drop Em Wear First Fourth Annual Show coverage, click here. Then use the navigation links at the top and bottom of each page.)

The show was held this past Saturday (October 15) in Winston Salem, NC. The venue was The Paint Shop, which was also the show’s sponsor. The Friday before the show, there was a pre-show party at the local Hooters, which I’m sure kept most of the guys entertained. Wings, beer, and boobs… ya, I’m pretty sure they were doing ok.

The show went on from 8am-5pm on Saturday with the top 50 & best of awards immediately following. Registration was only $25, and spectators were free. I think their website says it perfectly:

“This will not be like your average show you attend. We are not in this for the money nor do we promote ourselves as a show promoters. If we were in it for the money we would charge more than $25 for the entry. We have vowed to keep this show cheap for as long as we can. We are taking it back to some old school ways and trying to put some fun back into a car show. Space will be limited so just like the old days, get there early and you wont be stuck in a line. Most of the show will be on pavement but some grass spots are available. Please be courteous and just take up the room you need. Dedicated trailer parking will be available. There is a car wash at the end of our street. Just show up with a great attitude and hang out with people with common interests. With the help and support from our loyal customers, this annual event will go off without a glitch. We hate to say it but… IF YOU ARE COMING TO RAISE HELL AND PITCH A FIT ABOUT NOT GETTING A TROPHY PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND DON’T ATTEND! THIS IS NOT A SHOW FOR YOU!!! WE WILL NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN LISTENING TO ANYONE’S COMPLAINT ABOUT NOT GETTING A TROPHY!”

It looks like John & Jen Beebe have put on another great minitruck show, and I really want to get down there one of these years. If you are looking for more info on next year’s show, or if you want to buy some of the best clothing in the mini truck scene, be sure to check them out at Ok, ok… I’ll stop going on and on… Here is the coverage you’ve been waiting for!

Show Coverage by Andrew Dieringer: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

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