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I can’t believe I’ve never been to this show. It’s only a few hours away, but for some reason, I guess I’ve always had an excuse. And I almost missed it this year. Thankfully, a couple buddies waited around til late Friday afternoon so I could ride up with them. The road trip began.

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A few hours later, we were checking into the infamous Motel 6. We were hoping this establishment would hold up to its 2009 party status. With our gear unloaded, we ventured out to the Horizon Audio party to pre-register and enjoy some free food. A decent amount of people showed up, I ate too much food, and then it was time to take the party back to the hotel. A lot of Canadians made it down to this show, and most were at our hotel. And boy, do they sure know how to party. Rockstar Vodka, yard flamingo beer bong, Admiral Nelson, and hearing them say the word about a lot (uh-boot)! There was a McDonald’s across the street, and they took a lot of our money. I think we went there 3 times in 30 hours! Breakfast food from there at 3:30am was different.

We woke up Saturday feeling real bad. Hangovers from hell! How did I fight the hangover?

  • Brushed my teeth
  • Took a super hot/long shower
  • Extra-strength Tylenol
  • Revive Vitamin waters & regular water
  • Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets w/BBQ sauce & large fry

Was this the correct answer? I have no idea, but it did work and kept me going long enough til our dinner at North Canton’s finest: El Rincon Mexican Restaurant. They had the fastest service I’ve ever seen, good prices, and really good food. Our resident pinstriper, Kyle Griffin, was borderline orgasmic after trying a large Pina Colada from there. I don’t personally have a vagina, so I can’t tell you exactly what it tasted like. (Haha. I’ve got jokes all night.)

Anyways, back to the show. We got there around 10 or 11 and there was a lot of vehicles there already. Tons more came throughout the day, and I think I just heard there were over 400 this year! There were so many rides I’ve never seen in person, and a lot I’ve never even seen online. The weather was so perfect! The sun was super bright, but the temperature and light wind combo were the best of any show I’ve ever been too. And I’ve never been to a bigger show this late in the season. Hell, I think it’s snowed in Ohio a few times in early October.

The MAPS Air Museum venue was pretty cool and gave some great photo opportunities with some planes pulled out into the show area. Flat pavement everywhere, some grass areas, a lot of room, easy access everywhere, and great staff added to the awesome show. There was food being served, plenty of well-known vendors, raffles, a silent pinstriping auction, awards, and more.

Assuming the Saturday night party would dominate, we left the show around 6, got dinner, refilled our supply of liquid courage, and headed back to the party spot. We were greeted by some anxious minitruckers on the sides of the road, and soon after, a few lovely cops. A couple people were pulled over, so we chilled back near the room for awhile. We figured this was a good time to get the beer pong going. Well, the cops came by and let us know we had to be on the sidewalks or in the rooms. We complied and off they went. Assuming they would come back, we all played it safe. But that didn’t last long.

Well into the night, the party ended up all around the Motel 6 parking lot. North Canton’s finest never made it back that I remember. A few people partied too hard and made their public sleeping arrangements. Of course a Sharpie is always nearby for moments like these. As the night was winding down, we made our exit back to the room and prepared for the hangover part two, not the movie.

Sunday was another beautiful day, the hangover was gone, and breakfast was served. We stopped by the show for 2-3 hours and dreaded the short drive home. I wish these shows lasted a week. The Dropt Out guys did a hell of a job putting on one of the closest shows to me, hands down the best minitruck show in Ohio, and one of the best times I’ve had at a show. Highly recommended! I can’t wait for next year, but I hope it’s not on my wedding day! Be sure to check out their site for their recap of the weekend and more info on next year’s show:

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