Dropt & Destroyed 2012

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Last year was the first time I made it up to this show and I knew I had to go this year too. Great location, not too far from home, perfect time of the year, and a ton of badass rides from all over. Yup, those are the ingredients for a kickass weekend!

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Speaking of an amazing weekend, my girlfriend was in town and she was down to experience her first truck show with me! She quickly became my Mini Truck Scene koozie saleswoman. Haha. The three hour drive in the rain wasn’t exciting, but pulling into a hotel parking lot full of minitrucks definitely lifts the spirits. We got all checked in, met up with some people, got the cooler filled up, ate too much food, then just hung out for a bit. Pretty chill night. Emphasis on chill. BRRRRR!

Saturday morning was here and we headed out for some breakfast then onward to the show. It was the perfect weather to be walking around a show all day, although I think my face got some wind burn action. Immediately, I spotted several trucks I’ve only seen online and in magazines. I drooled my way over to them, like the orange Ranger that The Little Shop of Horrors had a hand in building.

The turnout was great for a show this late in the year, especially when they called for rain all weekend. I wish I had a truck to bring out this year, but I definitely will next year. It was great meeting a bunch of new minitruckers like I do at every show. Before we knew it, it was approaching 6pm so we decided it was time to leave the show and get some much needed dinner. Carrabba’s FTW!

After restocking the cooler, it was back to the hotel (N2Deep song playing in my head now). There were way more people at the hotel this time. We walked around and hung out with several different people and clubs. Once again it was pretty damn chilly at night, but we survived. I just wish I went to McDonald’s to order a McGangBang to see if that was legit. Guess I know what I’m doing today. Haha.

Waking up Sunday, I wish it was Saturday again. Oh well, all good things must come to an end. We packed up, rolled out, and started planning for next year’s show! If you’ve never made a trip to Ohio for this show, get on board. This show has it all and you definitely won’t be disappointed. I mean, check out how far some of the people drove just to be there, especially a handful of cover trucks and other featured rides. Once again, the Dropt Out crew put on one hell of a show!


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