Dropt & Destroyed 2013

There’s not too many Ohio shows, and definitely not a lot geared towards minitruckers. If you’re located in the Midwest like myself, then hopefully you’ve attended this badass show because it’s got it all. And for them to still be around 10 years later, that’s pretty awesome and shows their commitment to the scene! This is a show that I’ll be at every year, always have a vendor booth at, and always spend hours and hours shooting the hundreds of custom vehicles that travel from all over.

We arrived at the hotel in North Canton late Friday after a long day of organizing and packing all the Mini Truck Scene merch. Priceline put us in a real nice hotel but away from all the partying, so we were asleep pretty quick.

After gathering some supplies and nutrition from the store, we headed to the show early Saturday and got the vendor booth all setup. It was an overcast day, but pretty warm for an Ohio October. Regardless of the weather, we sold a lot of our new hoodies and beanies.

But a few hours into the busy day, the rain came. And when I mean the rain came, the tsunami came! It was the worst storm I’ve been in at a show in a long time. Luckily we were able to keep all the clothing dry and get it all put away before it got real bad. At one point, we had like six people holding down our canopy and the ones on both sides of ours because the wind got crazy for a bit. It was nuts!

Post weather stress, we ventured off to the Mexican restaurant I went to a few years ago. I was happy that the food tasted great to everyone, since my last meal there included several barley pops and I couldn’t remember what it was like. Back at the hotel soon after to relax, then a quiet night inside again. (Maybe I’m getting old??)

Pulling into the show on Sunday, I was glad to see a ton of people there. Some shows are dead on the last day, but this one was still a full house. Not too many photos were taken on the previous day due to the weather and being busy, but Sunday was dedicated to getting tons of good coverage.

As the show neared the finish line, I snapped my last set of truck photos, said goodbye to old and new friends, packed everything up, and hit the road again. Like I said before, if you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and put this show in your calendar. These guys do a hell of a job creating an exciting weekend for everyone and the next show can’t come soon enough. For more info on next year’s show, check out their site at and follow them at Enjoy the coverage!


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