Goodguys Car Show – 14th PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio

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A month or so ago, I heard the 2011 Goodguys show in Columbus, Ohio was fast approaching. I had never been and I also noticed I had nothing planned for Saturday July 9th. So I made sure to keep that day open so I could check this show out. From what I’ve heard, if you are into hot rods, muscle cars, classic cars, and basically any car or truck that’s old and custom, then you need to be there. Not to mention this is the 14th annual Goodguys Nationals, so I knew it had to be huge!

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I woke up Saturday morning a little later than I had planned (probably due to the fact that I had a few shots of homemade “moonshine” and was up til 2 or 3am the night before), but I was on the road by 8:30. It felt perfect outside, and I was cruising out I-70 East with the windows down, the Oakleys on, and the Pandora app blasting music the whole way. The show is only an hour or so away from my house, and I can’t believe I’ve never been there before.

Just before I reached Columbus, I had to make a pitstop for a quick breakfast. For some reason, a Steak & Shake double steakburger and fries sounded perfect at 9:30am?? Right when I was about to get back on the highway, I seen my first badass ride sighting. It was the white 88-98 Silverado shortbed that was on the cover of the “34 Pages of Driveway Tech” issue of Street Trucks awhile back. It smoked the tires a bit and got me even more pumped up for the show!

After 10-15 minutes of trying to find the parking lot, which turned out to be the massive Columbus Crew stadium parking lot, I was finally ready to hit the pavement on foot. Well, I had to apply some sunscreen as I could tell it was gonna be a scorcher. I paid the $6 parking fee, then walked 5-10 minutes to the front gate to pay $18 to get in. As soon as I get in, my eyes can’t focus on just one badass car. There were way too many, and I just walked in!

Walking around for just a few minutes, I quickly realized I couldn’t take photos of everything. Not because my memory cards or batteries couldn’t handle it, but because I was going to be there from 10am – 5pm, and I still wouldn’t be able to see everything. This is by far the biggest show I’ve ever been to, and may ever go to. If you’ve ever heard the show was huge from someone who went there, just think of the biggest show you’ve ever been to, and double or triple that, at least! There were cars parked in every nook and cranny they could find. I’ve never seen anything like it.

A few hours later, I had to get something to eat. Now I’m the type of person who can never decide on what I want to eat. When I’m hungry, usually everything sounds good. There had to be over 50 food vendors there, maybe over 100. I eventually settled on pizza. Then I was trying to find a spot in the shade to eat, and even then, there were people hogging up all the shade everywhere I looked. This place was more crowded than an amusement park!

There were a lot of shops setup there too showing off their latest custom creations. I even seen some people that I have seen on tv and magazines. Pretty cool! And don’t forget about the product vendors. There were a lot setup outside, but there was even a whole building dedicated to just products. Even if you weren’t interested in checking out the latest aftermarket parts, you could at least sit in the air conditioning for awhile.

I’d have to guess I walked over ten miles, and I could definitely feel myself getting tired at the end. I walked around and got a couple posters signed by some models, got a sick tshirt, then headed back to my car. I sat down and was ready to pass out right there! But instead, I sat in 30 minutes of traffic trying to leave, then drove an hour back home, almost falling asleep the whole way home. I should have drank a couple energy drinks for sure.

To end this story, I must say, I’ll be back at the Goodguys Columbus show every year. It’s a must go to show for anyone into the old cars/trucks scene. I think I heard there were over 6,000 rides there! I’d love to have a laid out 60-66 C10 shortbed to show there someday. That’s my goal for the next few years. Also, everything seemed to be running so smoothly at this show. Probably because there are several Goodguys shows every year, but it’s crazy how great a show of this size was ran. I always feel like I take so many more photos than I actually do, but I have around 200 posted on here. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear your comments if you went to this show or any comments on the show coverage I took. Thanks for reading my ramblings and checking out the photos. The next show… Camp & Drag! It’s gonna be a great time, I just hope the rain stays away. Only four days away! Get ready! And if you want to snag some Mini Truck Scene gear, find me in the flat red bodied Sonoma! Cheers everyone!

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