Laws of Physics 2013

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This was the first year I’ve attended this show. Although it was smaller than some of the big name shows, it was still a great time and a lot of great rides came throughout the weekend. It was only a few hours away from me, and I love supporting shows in my state, so I had to make it out there. There was a little bit of rain, but nothing stops us minitruckers!

I got there early Saturday morning and setup the vendor booth. No one came with me so I didn’t get a chance to take any photos on Saturday. A lot of people stopped by the booth and I met a lot of new people who share this passion we can minitruckin. Sales were good all day, there were a bunch of contests that the show put on, good music, good food vendors, and even camping within the show grounds. I wish I wasn’t a little under the weather, or I would have just setup my tent too. The day flew by as I was super busy and I couldn’t wait to get some Bdubs for dinner and catch up on some sleep in the hotel. Zzzzz…

I woke up early Sunday and the first thing I seen out my hotel window was Denny’s. I’m not a big Grand Slam fan, but I needed some nourishment, so I walked on over. The best part of that meal, my view out in the parking lot had a doored S10 in it. It kept a smile on my face as I clogged my arteries. Haha

Once I got to the fairgrounds, I took photos of everything I could within an hour, then began to setup the booth again. Sorry to everyone that made it out on Saturday that I didn’t get any pics of. I hung out with some friends at the booth, slung some merch, and ate a couple awesome breast cancer awareness cookies that they gave to all the vendors. Good times at this show!

All weekend long, they advertised for Mini Truck Scene and had everyone walking over to my booth, so I appreciate the Xtreme Gravity staff for helping out and putting on a great show. It may be small now but it keeps on growing and I can’t wait til next year! Now, on with the show coverage…


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