Lone Star Throwdown 2013

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For many years, I told myself someday I’d just jump on a plane and fly to a Texas and/or Cali show. Well, last Thursday, I did just that… finally! Myself and six others left freezing-cold Ohio and headed south to the Houston area. We stayed from February 21-25 and enjoyed every minute of it! Here’s how it went down…

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Upon arriving, we setup shop in a “sketchy hotel” near the airport called Baymont. We did out homework and read an online review that said something like, “I would never stay there again. The door locks were drilled out and all of our stuff was stolen out of our room.” Needless to say, we found a real Texas gem. This was our kind of place!

It wasn’t long before we were in Mexican food comas, and shortly after that, we were heading back to our rooms with a large alcohol purchase from the gas station. Yes, we bought a few bottles of MD 20/20… so you can assume how insane our night would turn out. And I have no idea how one of those bottles ended up in the pool.

Our local tour guide (we’ll call him Benny) stopped by later on for a meet and greet and before you knew it, he kidnapped us all, stuffed us in his Tahoe, and transported us to a house party being thrown by one of our club members. I do recall hearing the word “moonshine” being said repeatedly but that’s about all I remember. Oh, and waking up at 3am back at the hotel screaming “REGULATORS!!!” as loud as I could out the hotel room door. Ya, I had to increase our street cred.


On Friday, we headed out to the show for a bit to block off our spot, but not before breakfast. We walked to Denny’s to refuel and got a table pretty quick. But that’s as good as it got there. The waitress messed up so many times, I was starting to think it was a joke or something. Then when she gave us our checks, she waited til we gave her the money, and she seemed pissed that I was paying with a credit card. Anyways, she brought everyone’s change back, then didn’t leave. She said she’d wait for the tips. That got awkward fast, we tipped her, then she grabs the few bucks and holds it up, “I gots me my bill (pronounced beeeeeeeeeeeel) money!!!” Ya, no comment.

Pulling into the show, I could already tell this show was gonna impress me. So many rides I’ve seen online that I never thought I’d see in person. Right away, the old chop top C10 panel stood out (probably cuz there’s one in my garage right now), but damn it was done so perfectly.

After getting our segregated area situated, it was time for dinner. Somehow we ended up at Chick-Fil-A. Luckily, there was a Chipotle nearby, so half of us opted for that, which is to be expected when I’m involved. We then made a quick jump over to Best Buy to get an iPhone dock to blast sick beats in the hotel parking lot all night. Keep in mind we have a group of like 20, well, we all rolled in at once, and the workers thought 50 Cent just rolled in with his entourage. And then a Home Depot run for a trash can for our show beer (think keg). Did I mention we saw a couple guys from the Corvette Racing Team pit crew? Sweet microphone headsets bro!

This night consisted of a huge gathering in the hotel parking lot, just like many other truck shows that we attend. Except a big church group rolled up and we apparently intimidated/frightened them to the point where they almost cancelled their reservations! Really? Come on, we are harmless minitruckers just having a good time. A shit ton of laughs later, and a lot of drinks, and a super late IHOP meal (I demolished some chicken & waffles, but why do they not have BBQ sauce??), it was time to crash on the hotel floor. Ya, I’m real sanitary like that.


Up and at it pretty early, we arrived at the show venue ready to take on the day. That translates into: let’s tap the keg at 10am. After I had my morning brew, it was time to walk around. It was nearly impossible to hold a beer and walk around since I was forced to take photos nonstop with so much quality there. Everywhere I looked, quality, quality, quality! So many new trucks on the ground, interiors done, motor work, and big dish billets. I was pretty sure it was a dream, but it could have been the sun (thanks for the sunburn), or the abundance of hops-filled beverages, or maybe it was the sweet sweet romantic songs playing out of Big Rob’s truck all day. Ah Big Rob, how has no woman snagged him up at one of these shows? I guess there’s always Showfest or Scrapin The Coast. Haha

Later in the afternoon, a few people came over to our tents and asked if we wanted to help out a little girl. They explained a couple of Severed Ties members really needed everyone’s help with finding a bone marrow donor for their daughter. We were on-board instantly and we rounded up several others who grabbed some more people. It breaks my heart to hear of families struggling with difficult times like this, but I’m glad to say I’m a part of a much bigger family (the whole Mini Truck Scene combined, clubs aside) that comes together to help anyway we can. And if someone is reading this who is close with this family, feel free to let me know about donation information and I can post it up for all to see.

If anyone knows us, they know we can bash a shit ton of Mexican food like it’s our job. So we headed to Mestizos and owned that place! Great food, cold drinks, and the funniest karaoke I’ve ever seen. As Saturday was winding down, we were just getting ready for another long night of partying. We hit up another club member’s house, this time for some backyard festivities. You know, a big fire pit, our trusty keg, good music, and some great people. I’m gonna keep this paragraph short because kegstands and Jell-O shots lead to blacking out. RIP Saturday night memory (pours out some High Life).


Ah the last day of the show, it always comes too soon. We are usually waking up early to get on the road to head home, but good thing for us, we didn’t have to fly home til Monday. So what does that mean? Oh just more day drinking. I made my rounds again taking pics of whatever seemed new to me and also stopping by the SoLo Films booth a couple times to discuss my #ranplan lifestyle with the soon-to-be married lovebirds. Aren’t they just the cutest? Haha. For some reason, whenever I hear SoLo Films, all I can think of is a chuckwagon. And I have no clue what the hell that even means. Can someone elaborate?

As this amazing show was ending, SoLo Films and Koapono Patrick (that creepy KP Concepts guy) gathered up all the Aftermath people for what will be a very entertaining video shoot. I can only hope they picked up all of the audio from our hilarious conversations. Just when you think you’ve heard it or seen it all, here we come in full force when the cameras come out. If you were there, you probably witnessed the largest picsonpicsonpics photoshoot. It was epic!

The last big event of the long weekend was our dinner at Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke. No, we did not eat cigarettes. They had some pretty damn good BBQ but they need to increase the quantity of sauce that goes on the food. Anyways, the last supper was over and we said our goodbyes to most of the club members that we won’t see for awhile, then headed to our last Texas hotel. It was conveniently located less than a mile from our first ghetto hotel, but this one really outdid the other. It was situated right behind a real classy stripclub but the best was the car on blocks in the parking lot near our room. Talk about pulling up to the scene with all your wheels missing! I almost forgot to mention the various pitbulls that lived there. Actually, I think we were the only people staying there that didn’t live there. I wish I could better describe how the rooms looked. I’d say it had styling stolen from The Jetsons cartoon show and the appeal of a elderly she-male hooker. Your welcome for that nice visual!


It’s hard to believe how fast four days can go by, but as they say, time is an illusion and all good things must come to an end. We packed up and headed to the airport to depart our badass friends and legendary memories. The whole flight home, it was hard not to laugh at some of the great things I witnessed: a blind Jew singing Michael Jackson karaoke, eating some boudin hot off the grill in a soft tortilla, Texas-shaped waffles at the hotel, the impressive Cavalier with Lambo-doors, seeing the Duck Dynasty guys in the airport, seeing people support Mini Truck Scene with the stickers & koozies all weekend, all of the creative Smirnoff Icings, the church group leaving the black kid behind, spilled beer in IHOP, Justin Bieber likes wiener, and so much more.

Show Recap

It was pretty cool to learn this show started just one year ago, and it was in the running for Show of the Year. That says a lot right there! But to actually make the trip, experience it, and take it all in, it really lives up to the hype. I heard many say it was like the new Tex-Mex show. From what I seen, this show definitely has a strong following and is put on by some great people who really know how to properly run a show. It’s so awesome to drive several hours to a show in your badass truck, but in some cases, it feels good to just pack a small bag, head to the airport, and travel to somewhere new that we’ve never been. I hope to do many more of these trips in the future!

I’ll do whatever it takes to make it back to this show next year, but I’m really focused on making a trip out to the left coast to see what’s up out there. I hope this random story and all these photos will help make your decision for LST 2014. Just get a small group of friends together, get a cheap plane ticket, throw in in cheap hotels, and don’t blow a ton of money. I spent around $400 on this incredible trip and it was worth every peso. So start saving now if you have to. And be sure to stay up to date with everything going on with next year’s show on the Lone Star Throwdown website and like the show’s page on Facebook.

Lastly, I just want to personally say thanks to everyone who helped us Ohio guys out. You guys are amazing and we really appreciate the generous hospitality. From driving us around, to cooking crazy good food at the show, to taking us to some killer parties, to just treating us like royalty for a few days, our hats are off to you. And thanks to everyone who read this whole damn thing. If you’re sitting on the toilet still, your legs are probably numb. I will never be able to thank everyone enough that supports this site and shares the content. You guys are the shit. Until the next one, cruise with your rockers close to the ground and one arm out the window. Later guys!

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