Mautofied is One Hell of a Drug

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I can’t remember how or when I first heard about Mautofied but it had to be at least 6-7 years ago. I’m almost certain when I bought my bodydropped Sonoma in 2005, I seen it listed on there, among other sites. It seemed like a great alternative to eBay since you had to pay to use the eBay service and you could list something on Mautofied for free. I think there has always been a paid option on there, but I’d say an overwhelming majority used the free option. Sure, you could only show one photo of your ride, but you could easily insert a link to more photos located on another site. Besides being able to list for free, I’d have to say the main reason that there are so many people using the site is: it’s so addicting!

There is really no other site like it. Sure, almost every custom vehicle forum has a classifieds section on it, and I’ve even seen a couple hot rod and import classifieds sites, but Mautofied does so much more:

  • Almost every single person in the custom scene has heard of the site – It’s true. I guarantee if you are at a truck show, almost everyone will know what Mautofied is. Hell, I bet there are several rides at the show that are listed on the site right now!
  • They offer a ton of listing categories – Their main categories are Vehicles, Parts & Accessories, Motorcycles, Watercraft, and Other Vehicles. But if you take the Vehicles category for instance (which I’m sure about 75%-90% of the listings are in), there are a ton of sub-categories. 24 to be exact. These include: Mini Truck, Hot Rods, Project, Show SUVs, Import, Luxury & Exotic, Lifted Trucks, and even Stock Vehicles. Again, I’m not sure how many total listings are one the entire site, but right now, there are over 11,500 listings just in the vehicle category!! The top five sub-categories are Full Size Trucks, Import, Lifted Trucks, Mini Truck, and Muscle Cars, and these make up over half of the Vehicle category.
  • It’s easy to contact other members – You can list your name, phone number, and email address. But the best way is to send an offer or ask a question directly through the site. Then you can have email notifications sent to you and you just login to the site and check your Mautofied inbox. Simple!
  • The free option is perfect – I’ve always done just the free option and so have all the people I know. In fact, I don’t know of anyone personally that has done the paid plan. I know there are a lot of people using it, just no one that I know. I think the premium listing is great for someone who has a ton of photos and information which describes in detail every aspect of the vehicle. And they likely don’t have their vehicle listed anywhere else, nor do they have a build thread or profile elsewhere where they could link someone to from the free listing.
  • Site’s layout is clean and navigation is easy to use – The site is laid out very nicely, it’s modern looking, and has a lot of nice functionality. Just like every site these days, they have the social networking site links on there so you can easily share a listing with people on Facebook, Twitter, or other site. The main navigation at the top and then the secondary navigation on the left side are easy to read and use. It’s an all around well put together site.
  • Easily keep track of all your listings, past and present – It’s nice to see all of your listings in one place. It can be found on your account page and even shows past listings. I like this because maybe I listed my truck several months ago, it expired, now I want to list it again. It’s great that I don’t have to type all that info again, I can just hit relist. Having your history also makes it easy for other people to see all the rides you have listed, what you’ve sold, and more.

What’s the bad news?

With all of these advantages over other online classified sites, why wouldn’t you use Mautofied? That’s a good question. But honestly, I’m sure almost anyone that has listed a couple very nice cars or trucks on there would say the site can be a huge annoyance from time to time. I think they really mean the offers that come in are usually pretty ridiculous and usually laughable. I think the funniest are the real badass vehicles that get offered a golf cart as a straight up trade. Really? Is that for real or an honest joke? Sometimes it’s borderline. Like a bodied mini truck that’s still a big project gets offered a trade for a nice daily driver import car. True, it might be a good even trade, but the truck listing most likely says “Might trade for the right truck, but definitely NO CARS!” and the person sending the offer clearly didn’t read the whole listing, can’t read in the first place, doesn’t care because he thinks the truck owner will change his mind, or is just trying to waste people’s time. It could be one or all of these options, but it’s usually just a lack of common sense, which can be very frustrating to someone who is really trying to sell their custom ride.

Does anyone want what I’ve got?

Moving on, I think the most common type of listing on there is when someone is just “testing the waters” with their vehicle. Either you just got a new custom car or truck through buying it or on a trade and already you want to see what else is out there. Or you’ve had yours for a long time and just have no interest in it anymore. I know I’ve listed my truck several times on there over the past few years. You get excited when you get the email from Mautofied letting you know you’ve received a new offer! Then you login to see a hacked up Honda for trade. You want to throw your phone or kick your computer monitor. The last thing you want is a piece of shit rice burner from some Johnny Tran wannabe. And then there are the times when you get that offer you can’t stop looking at. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that is a great deal in your eyes, it’s exactly what you want, and you’re even willing to make a long drive to get it. You tell all your friends about it, post about it online, and you are so ready to drive it home. Then the owner of the trade never contacts you again, he wants cash on top of the trade all of a sudden, you see shitty work when you look at more photos, and it becomes an all around bad trade in your eyes. All of this time and effort wasted, all because you were basically teased from the get go. Sounds like a hot ass chick at a strip club, then you get her number, meet up, then find out it’s a dude. WTF?

It’s time for a road trip!

In some rare instances, people actually go through with an offer. Maybe it’s not rare overall, but I’d say the conversion rates can’t be that high. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of rides on there right now, and maybe only a handful will be sold or traded through the site. But regardless, it’s a free way to get some exposure and it’s a great starting point to sell any custom vehicle. I say it’s rare when a deal goes through, but I do know of several people having completed a sale or trade. One of my good friends drove several hours to trade his insanely fast sport bike for a bagged mini truck that had been featured in Minitruckin’ magazine a while ago. I’ve never been a motorcycle guy so obviously when he showed me the trade, I was all for it. After looking through all the photos, I was hoping I had converted a speed freak into a minitrucker. A couple weeks later, this became a reality. When I seen the truck in person, it looked amazing. A year and a half later, the truck is way more badass after he fixed a ton of problems with the truck and added his own touches. Since the paint was so nice when he got it, that’s pretty much the only thing that is still the same, and the only reason people can still recognize the truck. I think he’s still happy with the trade even though you can’t really know what you’re getting yourself into until it’s all disassembled in a garage or if you had seen a million photos of the buildup. Here are some other comments some fans of this site had given about Mautofied:

  • “I usually trade on there and so far everything goes good. I actually just traded a touchscreen today.” -Joseph
  • “Used to be a good site. Now all people do is talk crap.” -Nathan
  • “Just messages with bogus offers. Never actually sold anything on there.” -David
  • “I found my square body Burban on there almost 3 years ago. Met halfway and drove it home over 10 hours, and drove it to every show since. I love it!” -Donnie
  • “I have traded a few cars, trucks, etc… And sold a few things too.” -Kenneth
  • “Sold my Sierra on there to a guy in Dallas. He came to me in Hot Springs with $7500 cash.” -Sean
  • “I almost got ripped off. I was going to buy a Toyota and he was going to deliver it. He wanted a deposit and his father was going to deliver it on his car carrier. I asked for his father’s number so I could verify and didn’t get it. I started poking around and found out he listed a truck that was owned by someone else. He just used someone’s pic from the internet. He got several deposits from people before they shut him down. I am glad I trusted my instinct. It seemed too good to be true.” -Paul

I’m just another addict…

From the comments people sent me, there are still some mixed reviews. I’m still on the fence about it though. I always say I’ll keep my truck until it’s basically finished. However, I always get the urge to see what else is out there. I don’t know why. I’m happy with my truck even though it’s just another S-series truck but I always have these thoughts in the back of my head like someone has this badass finished truck that they want to trade for my project. When in reality, this would likely never happen. Maybe if my project was a fullsize with some crazy work done to it I could trade for a finished mini. I guess it’s cheap entertainment to see what people will offer me. Again, most of the time it’s comical but sometimes, those offers come in where I really have to think. I’m just glad my current listing ends in a couple weeks so I can stop teasing myself. True, I could end it early or even relist it once it ends. Maybe I’m addicted. Are you addicted too?

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  1. Mike Here on said:

    I just found the site, and then this one here when i was looking to see more about mautofied.

    i wonder if the motorcycle parts section does well for sales?

    i am sick to death of eBay robbing the crap out of me. I mean – pay pal is owned by them, they get me coming and going and double get me by takeing teh ebay fees and pay pal fees from the same dough! Double dipping sob’s! i can’t believe other people do not see that.

    anyway – great site man. I might give this place a try and see what happens.

  2. Lynn D. on said:

    Good luck getting the greedy idiots on Mautofield to RESPOND to your offers!! They set an asking price and evidently they won’t respond unless you DOUBLE it IN CASH. phhhfff

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