Mini Truckin’ Magazine Is Gone

Written by : Posted on February 2, 2014 : 42 Comments

A couple days ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and noticed a comment that said Mini Truckin was dead. I’ve heard these comments for years. People are always saying the scene is dead (which it’s definitely not), so I didn’t pay any attention to it. Then I seen a photo that said “Mini Truckin’ Magazine – R.I.P. 1988-2014.” I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or prank or what was up. Could it really be over?

When I seen more friends posting about it, I quickly realized that maybe the internet really did kill our beloved magazine that we all grew up reading. I also started to wonder… is what I’m doing here with Mini Truck Scene partly responsible for ending the careers for so many people at this publication?

That’s probably a bit overkill, but realistically, everyone gets what they want from the internet instantly. With print media, you have to wait a little bit to get it. In this day in age, people hate waiting. Hell, if your iPhone freezes up for 3 seconds, most people would lose their shit. For example, I would hang out with John Mata (editor of Mini Truckin’) at several shows throughout the year. We would both take tons of photos the entire weekend, and come Monday morning when he gets back to work, I could have already published all of my photos online for the whole world to see (ok, ok, I’m usually not that fast). In the magazine’s case, it would take a few weeks, but likely at least a couple months before we’d see that coverage hit the newsstands.

Obviously, it’s not anyone’s fault, it simply takes that long to find all of the content to fill an entire issue, have the art team lay everything out, get all the ads in place, have it printed, and then shipped to your mailbox or local store. There are probably at least a hundred people involved with creating each issue. That’s a lot of time and effort to say the least. Again, it’s nobody’s fault for how long this takes, it’s just the process in the print world. And most of the content found online isn’t the greatest, so when that magazine comes in, it’s exciting to see the high-quality photos, well-written articles, and so much more.

With MTS, I post show coverage from about 5-10 shows a year, sell some merchandise, and try to write posts like this occasionally. With Mini Truckin’, you’d get a few shows in every issue, a few features, some tech articles, new products, and a lot more. There was even a handful of times I was in the magazine, or photos I took were in there, or some of my merch was being advertised in there. It’s an honor to say I was a part of it, even if it was just a very small piece. Sometimes I thought to myself, I think I’d rather just give all this Mini Truck Scene stuff up and focus on being a contributor for the magazine. I even dreamed of working on the art team for this magazine one day once I got out of art school. It’s crazy how fast time flies by.

Maybe I need to step it up and start doing features, videos, shop tours, more shows, tech articles, etc for MTS now that there is a void in the minitruck community. Sure, all of this content could be delivered a lot faster than a printed magazine, and that’s cool and all. But no matter how much fun I have doing it, or how fast I can deliver the content to you online, there’s just something about holding a magazine in your hands and flipping through all the pages. It’s somewhat nostalgic, and I’ll sure miss it.

I still remember exactly where I was when I read my first Mini Truckin’ back in early 1999. I was at Meijer in Troy, Ohio and I was bored with nothing to do for a couple hours. I was walking around and stumbled into the magazine aisle. Being the curious person that I am, I probably picked up several different magazines that morning. But the one that stood out to me, for whatever reason, was Mini Truckin’. Skimming through those pages as a 16 year old kid, I would have never guessed in a million years that the minitruckin world would have such an impact on me.

I was into lowriders early on and I got into imports in the Fast and Furious days, but no matter what would come and go, minitrucks were always something I was into. I just read a quote the other day (from the latest issue of Mini Truckin’ actually) and I think it describes my passion for this scene so well: “I haven’t outgrown the things that I love.” As we get older, some of us move into full-size trucks and hot rods, but at our core, we are still minitruckers.

It’s sad to see the mag go away. I won’t be excited to check the mailbox every month. I won’t be able to take all the Mini Truckin’ magazines at my local grocery store and line them up side by side in the front of all the shitty magazines for everyone to see. I won’t have any new minitruck reading material to accompany me on the toilet. I won’t have the chance to ever be featured in it, nor will any of my friends. It’s just gone, without warning. Sure, it’s upsetting for us, but we need to put our resentment aside. We lost a magazine, but for the amazing people that put it together for us month after month, they lost much more.

I’m sure they will all find another job in the media world, or maybe they will start their own businesses, or maybe they’ll do something totally different. I don’t know. But what I do know, is that all the people I’ve ever talked to from this magazine, whether it be in person, over the phone, on a forum, through email, or whatever, they are the nicest, most down to earth people you could meet. Call it a coincidence if you want, but I think not. Minitruckers are not just random people walking around a truck show, we are all family. And just because there’s no more Mini Truckin’ magazine, does not mean the scene is dying or that there won’t be anymore high-caliber builds. I think this will push us all even harder to carry on the legacy of Mini Truckin’. So to end this story, to everyone that has ever had a hand in creating one of these issues, thank you for all you’ve done.


  1. Kenny Reed on said:

    It is a sad time but in the end if U are into the sport of minitrucks then it doesn’t really matter. I remember when I saw my first minitruck n then fot my first MT mag. I was hooked. I LOVE the scene and LOVE my club (FON) . As long as we have MTS n others supporting the scene and bringing out merchandise n pics etc… It will never die!

  2. I’m an old timmer here, lol started my mini trucking in 1986 with a Chevy Luv. 1988 the scene was getting bigger and was about a third of the vehicles at our local weekend hang outs in Tampa Florida. I have been stuck on mini’s! Sorry to see the loss of a classic but look forward to new forms of information on my passion. Thanks MTS for being one of my information outlets.

      • second 2 none on said:

        I have 86 b2000. This will make my third mini. Two weeks ago I was rear ended! I’m just crushed!! I’ve had this for over 20hrs. Looking for a box or bed w/ tailgate. It was 87 when fell n luv, the mini trucks craze! Can someone aide me locating a bed for baby! Or even a mini truck ..for a reasonable price. Mini trucks for life.

  3. Gary Ellison on said:

    I’m just one of many old guys into Mini Trucks, @ 67 & still changing stuff on my truck every winter!
    I’ve been reading MT for a whole lot of years,& started my build when I retired in 2001 @ 55!
    Got a feature in July of 2009( Thank you MT), & than started with more changes to my ride!
    I go to & enter as many shows as are open to imports very summer & don’t plan on stopping!
    This mag. will be very much missed by me!!

  4. rob ohalloran on said:

    Ive been a hard core mini trucker since 2007! I grew up around muscle cars and back road racing as a kid! after my first mazda b2200,i realized what a real truck was! around here, in a shit hole in ,northern Ontario,canada,everyone’s into chev,ford or dodge,4×4;s lift kits,etc. four banger trucks are looked down on! I get bashed steady for my passion! waste of time,waste of money! I get my revenge at the pumps or by staying off the back of tow trucks! one night at a convenience store waiting in line,THERE IT WAS!!! a dream come true magazine! every one told me you can’t buy performance parts or do them up at all! discouragement vanished instantly,when I snagged that mag like it was a winning lottery ticket! I did my best not to drule on the pages as I went through them and instantly,my life took a turn and with no lookin’ back,i have been obsessed! I owe you large MT for life!!thanx for the contacts and to all MTer’s out there! I’m not alone

  5. I had to look online to see if it was true. I just got a postcard from Mini Truckin’ today. It stated that May 2014 will be the last issue if you have a subscription that is longer you will be receiving Truckin’ for the remaining. I own two mini trucks be cause of the magazine. I have had a subscription for almost 15 years. Before that I would hunt down the issues at the store. Its sad to have a digital only now. I understand the world of tablets but still like having a hard copy to look back on. So much for building a cover truck now, with no cover.

  6. kevin on said:

    I’ve been a minitrucker since the first issue came out the mag helps us mt out when we need question ask because where i live we don’thave the shop close by and that also keep up with local show in Florida

  7. C Jones on said:

    Hey this is kinda off topic. Sucks about MT mag. Used to wait at the store when the magazine lady came in to buy my copy. Anyway. I was looking for a truck MT had featured a couple years back. It was a mini truck, can’t remember the make, but it had a WWII fighter plane theme. I want to say it was built like a Spitfire, teeth over the front wheel well, exhaust wrapped, steering wheel cut down. Anyone remember this truck and/or know where I can track down photos of it? Thanks a bunch.

  8. bd dubs on said:

    Never thought this day would come. Even though the internet is quicker or whatever, Im going to miss walking through the local grocery store with my copy of Minitruckin’ in hand, drooling over the pics and reading the articles while the wifey loads the grocery cart, or just spending my lunch breaks at work reading and looking, coming up with new ideas. Although the magazine is gone, the sport will never be…long live Minitruckin’ and haters keep hatin’ we are here to stay.

  9. Todd Painter on said:

    I’ve been out of the scene for awhile and looking to get back into it once again but it saddeneds me too hear that MTS had stop publishing the magazine, I still have a lot of MT magazine’s that I kept over the years, but this isn’t going to stop me from doing what I love so live on minitruckin and all those who feel the same as I do.

  10. Abnormal Ridez on said:

    Keep it alive brother were all still trying our hardest to get it to where it was like a few years back all of us drinkin a cold one next to the masterpiece each one of us created

  11. Gary Stevens on said:

    I think I may have actually had a stroke or im having a heart attack, MINI TRUCKIN R.I.P. REALLY!!! Im actually crying like that was the HOLY grail for being an asphalt outlaw. I grew up going to endless cruise ins, auto rama’s hot august nights in reno!!!! and I recall being 12 and looking at the 57 2 door my dad had just got me. as we wer pulling away with it on our trailer in Portland Oregon all of a sudden I hear this loud ass thundering noise! im feeling it hearing it then all of a sudden this sick ass slammed Nissan hard body and a bullet side Datsun go rolling by. lowered and bass.. needless to say by the time I was 15 I had bought a bullet side and was working on a Nissan. I didn’t see minitruckin mag in ore but I moved to cal in march 1989 and to my surprise lowrider mag!!! MINITRUCKIN TRUCKIN!!!!! oh my god!!! and since you speak of Isuzu I remember the coolest one I had seen by far was the extended cab and it was painted peach! So as I still have my first sound system which is all G&S nightstalkers the subs mid and tweets and G&S pro series amps. man I cant believe this. to those who pioneered the industry of mini trucks!! THANK YOU!!!!! Stillen, Radical tops! AND RODNEY THE RAT!!!!! Leer, texas tails! the ground effects kits! the tandem axles minis, the dancing diamond z rack hydraulic beds!!!!! it was a fun time but why are their more and more minis poppin up just like vw bugs????? well I guess ill wait for te next release of mtv eh!!!

    • Grant on said:

      Hello, It’s been awhile since i bought the mag over to Australia. There were always tips an shit to show people like me to ho there own work. So that some that skill and want to try to do as much as the work them self. Is there any place Mini truckin mag can be bought…. totally RIP?

  12. austin on said:

    it was great to take the mag anywhere I went. half of the fun was going to the store to find the latest issue. maybe someday they will revive the mag. the mag gave people more bragging rights to show there buds.

  13. D.J. Albert G. on said:

    Amen, brotha.. Mini trucks has been a big deal for me as well. during the mid 90s, Im an owner of an ’87 mazda b2200, given to me as a gift from my pops after i graduated high school in 1999. He bought it brand new in 1987, i was 7 years old and im 33 now. My dodgers blue mini freestyle will stay with me forever and i will truely miss our minitruckin’ magazine. Peace out..
    Go Dodgers.

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  15. Devil Dawg on said:

    I loved the magazine and in a way I do miss having all the big magazines in my mailbox for weekend reading and clipping things out for the idea box, but let’s be honest, if I had to wait 6 months for coverage of a show and people on Myspace, Facebook or Instagram are posting it as it happens it pretty much undercuts the magazine. Yes the magazine puts together things nicely and all but photographers like DreamOn, Linny J, Whips By Wade, etc are doing the same thing in real time, and with less overhead and no editor to give a thumbs up or down it really did spell doom not just for Mini Truckin but Lowrider is on its death bed as well at this point…

  16. I’m looking for the magazine Mini-Truck not Mini truckin it was before Mini truckin before all the slam rides moor like stink bug style jacked up in the rear and dumped in the front. My truck was on the cover of Mini-truck Magazine it was a 1975 Datsun Truck 620 it was white with blue flames with a mural on the tailgate featured with another Datsun truck red with blue stripes I think it was May of 1983 I would love to get a issue of it. Thank you. And no offense to Minitruckin magazine it was awesome.

  17. Glen Dean on said:

    Is “MiniTruckin” Mag Really Out Of Business? I Been Financially Down & Out (Still Homeless) for a couple years & Had to let My Sub Lapse, Now Wanting To Reup It, Find this News On The google search? Why Did They go Under? Gheez Another Good truck Mag, I Forget The Name went under s Few Years Ago & That Was a shock, Too.
    Both seemed To Be Flourishing, But Then Greedy To People Have there Own Ideas….

  18. Jim Brooks on said:

    How do I get in touch with suppliers of parts to build a 1989 B2200? Looking for body parts. grills, fender flares, rolled pans, tail gates, etc. Any help you can give would really help. Finally got the time and money to finish the project. Thanks in advance.

  19. larry sharpley on said:

    i am looking for an old issue of Mini Truckin that had a story about a 74 chevy luv featuring handmade ground effects. The truck was at a Cullman, Al car show. I will give $100 for this issue. It was late 80s early 90s.

  20. larry sharpley on said:

    (previous comment ) The truck was aqua blue with orange and purple stripes on the side built by a guy in Hartselle, Al If you find this issue or know where I can find it please contact me via email at

  21. OMG!! I never realized MT was gone till I found this blog. I am and ALWAYS will be a minitrucker for life. I started my first build with a 86 S10 back in 1990ish and have had 6 other S10’s since until around 6 years ago when life caught up to me and I lost all connections with the scene raising kids and working a lot. Now just last week I bought yet ANOTHER S10 (1992) to build up with my son who will be 16 soon, wanting him to “Get bit by the mini bug”. And today being a now sad day finding out that MT is gone… frankly sux. Thank you MT for the many many years of great reading mags. It “Hopefully” with live on through my son.

  22. iNISSANt on said:

    Sad indeed, kinda surprised it lasted that long. I still have a hand full of mags from the early nineties. I was hoping (how I came across this site), that there would be an archive of sorts of at least the cover photo trucks. If not can we get one started???? I would love to see all of them in one place….it’s our history ya’ know?

  23. Paolo DiGiacomo on said:

    Well that really sucks that’s no more but you really really rocked but is there anyway you can send me a link or send me please a copy of your magazine please please I would love that cause at least I can still learn how to teach my self still on how to pip my s10 out on the little of money I make its been hard an slow so if you can find it in your mini truckin magazine hearts that would be really really awesome an very nice of yous thank you very much

  24. My name is Victoria and I’m a photographer here in Sc I shoot for several magazines and I just did an amazing mini truck series shoot, I am lead photographer for Carolina Chrome I also shoot for a local golf course magazine and have been published in Nocturnail void magazine my question is do u take submissions for your magazine, I would love to put Sc on the map we have a huge group here and I’d love to share some of my images with the amazing charleston bridge as a back drop and I had models an low rider mini trucks for this shoot please let me know if I can submit to you thank you Victoria Amanti of One Sweet MinT Photography

  25. Phil Gordan on said:

    Hey, i just read this Blog and saw that Grant 7 AutoWorks was building a Truxarossa, so i went to check out their site because i didn’t know what a truxarossa was, and wow that thing is cool!!! if that is the type of things that was in mini truckin magazine, i dont understand how they could have went out of business. i hope that more people out there are that are saving the old mini trucks. im looking for a truxarossa now.. but in the meant time, i’ll be following the Grant 7 Autoworks Build. if you guys havent seen it, here is a link to the youtube video of their truck…


  26. I never wanted to see it end. I love mini truck in’. I grew up with it thanks to my uncle Richard, he taught me a lot about it and got me into it. I’d like to see it come back. It should’ve never died!

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