Relaxing in SoCal 2011 Show Coverage

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May 1, 2011 marked the 5th annual Relaxing in SoCal show in Torrance, California. It was held at Alpine Electronics and the weather seemed to be perfect. Everything from trucks, cars, suvs, hot rods, lowriders, and more were in attendance this year. The show was presented by Toyo Tires, Alpine, Kinetik, and Roccos’s Old School Tattoo Balm. Plus there were tons of sponsors like AccuAir, Pacific Coast Customs, Tre5 Customs, and so many more.

(To see all of the Relaxing in SoCal show coverage, scroll past the article to see the first set of photos. Then use the navigation links after those to see the rest. A big thanks goes out to Martin Corona for covering this show for us. Expect to see a lot more from west coast show coverage from him on this site!)

Although it was only a one day show, Relaxed Atmosphere really knows how to attract a large turnout with some amazing quality. What’s better than all these sick rides? Proceeds from the show are going towards a Japan relief fund to help those who lost everything in the recent disasters. Shows like these are what keeps the scene going in the right direction!

For those interested in awards, there were some awesome Top 50 trophies as well as over a dozen custom Best Of trophies. If you want some of the baddest custom awards, this is the show to attend! There was even a set of Toyo tires being raffled off to one lucky winner.

Thanks again to Martin Corona for sending me all this great coverage. You’ll be able to spot him at some upcoming shows decked out in Mini Truck Scene gear. And as the show fast approaches next spring, don’t forget to check out for all the details.

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Show Coverage by Martin Corona: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6

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