Scrapin The Coast 2012

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I look forward to all shows, but I’m even more excited when I’m about to leave for a show I’ve never been to. Scrapin the Coast in Biloxi, MS was definitely one of those shows. I’ve seen coverage from past years but a bunch of my friends went last year and said this was a show that no one should ever miss!

It was around 4pm on Thursday when my friend picked me up (almost an hour late), and we started our 14 hour journey south. We picked a couple more guys up, drove a bit further, met some more, then we were really on the road. After a couple stops for gas, we stopped off in northern Alabama to wait for another truck to meet up. This was a great chance to catch a nap, walk around a Wal-Mart at 3am, and talk to some random locals. Before we knew it, we were making our last big leg of the trip.

I forget what time we actually got to the hotel, but damn, we were ready to have a beer. We ventured over to the showgrounds to get the four trucks we brought registered and I was even more excited to see some high-quality rides out and about, as well as getting a sneak peak at the great location. On the way back to our hotel, we bought some cold beverages and had the hotel pool on our mind. And yes, it was hot as hell that morning so we had our SPF-110 out in full force.

Also in full force was the insane security at our hotel (Treasure Bay). We couldn’t even walk in there without someone hassling us about something. Ridiculous! It got too annoying at one point that we just decided to ditch the pool and head out to the ocean for a couple hours. And we could actually (well, maybe not legally, I don’t know) have our coolers of beer there. Now that was a good ass time, especially for a bunch of drunk Ohio minitruckers on a mini vacation! PS… I’m a sucker for palm trees.

By this time, we were beyond due for a real meal. We grabbed a big outside table at the White Cap Seafood Restaurant a few miles down the road. Now I know a couple people were bothered with the service, and one guy actually puked from the food, but I’d say this was some of the best seafood I’ve ever had. After eating way too much, and maybe pretending it was a BYOB establishment, we headed back to the hotel for some crazy times. I quickly lost $223 at some amazingly horrible table game in the casino, then proceeded to swallow too much liquor from the Jäger cooler to try and make the situation better. It worked! Thanks Jevon and Skinny!

From there, we stood along side the main road and watch people go HAM. Trucks, cars, and bikes cruised up and down Beach Blvd all hours of the night. People do some crazy things for attention, and it’s definitely entertaining. It was also great to see a bunch of people that live in all parts of the country that I haven’t seen in forever or that I’ve only communicated with on the internet. After several beers, we do what we always do… find the closest Waffle House or Steak & Shake. This time, Waffle House was right next door! It was overtaken by minitruckers like usual and we all had some funny ass memories from that dining experience. One to note is the bathroom toilet having a nice coating of someone’s food (that didn’t want to stay in their stomach) all over the side of it. I’m sure the staff was very thrilled to have free decorations! By this time, it was getting pretty late, so we walked back to the room and prepared for the big show.

Waking up Saturday with only a slight hangover was awesome. Some of us opted for the $9 breakfast buffet at our “resort” which wasn’t too bad and then we made our way to the main attraction. I really like the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for this show. It’s right across from the freakin Gulf of Mexico and it’s definitely a good size for a show like this. I met up with the rest of the club members, talked to them for a bit, then hit the pavement to shoot all the coverage you’re about to witness. The quality that attends is surely right at the top for any show I’ve ever been to. A few are definitely close but this one might take the cake!

Later into the afternoon I caught up with John Mata of Mini Truckin’ Magazine and Koapono Patrick of KP Concepts. I’ve met John before and I’ve talked to both online for some time now. Cool, down-to-Earth guys that share the same passions as myself. I finished doing my coverage so I tagged along with them to scope out some locations for their feature shoots that night. At one point we were talking about taking shits on truck show weekends. Haha, so random! A green, quad-cab Colorado from Aftermath TX rolled in and took Koapono with him to their beachfront photo shoot while John and I waited for a new body style Tacoma to arrive. A few minutes later, the Taco strolled in, as well as his buddy’s older red Yota (which was also flawless, and I think both were No Regrets trucks if I remember correctly), and a couple more friends. Sean French (Owner/Producer at SoLo Films DVD) also came over to film John shoot the Tacoma and had a video shoot setup with an orange Chrysler 300 SRT8. It was great to have a behind-the-scenes view of these badasses capturing these sick rides! Thanks again guys!

After a long ass day, the famous (or infamous) Mini Truckin’ editor and myself creeped along through the miles of traffic back towards the hotels. We were starved so Hog Heaven BBQ & Blues seemed like a good choice. After an epic pulled pork sandwich with hot BBQ sauce and a big serving of mac and cheese, we washed it down with some Miller Lite drafts (I know, we asked and High Life was not an option, #fail). Oliver Porter (you know, the crazy gold Tacoma that was recently finished and was at the show, and the creator of the awesome Domination the Video DVDs) and some friends came to meet up with John, so we all had some beers and I listened to some hilarious stories from past shows. Good times guys!

As it was getting later into the night, I figured I better check-in with my crew and see what kind of trouble they were getting into. Mainly because my iPhone died, like usual, and I wasn’t positive on what they were up to. So I walked a short mile back to Treasure Bay and seen them out front as I had assumed. I drank a couple beers with some of my buddies as we watched the entertainment pass by like the night before. Most of the people got tired of the security and ventured across the street to the beach and kept the party going. I figured that would get shut down soon and I was pretty wore out from the days activities so I went back to the room (you know, the one that would soon inhabit 10-12 other party animals). Well I think the partying continued for quite some time, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Well I woke up 5-6 hours later, which felt like a 30 minute nap, and some of the people had already began their trip home. The rest of us packed our shit, talked about the amazing weekend, and already can’t wait til June 2013 for this all-around great show. Everyone that had a hand in putting this show on deserves a big pat on the back. I hope you guys enjoy the coverage below and remember to share it everywhere. I appreciate all you for even taking the time out of your busy schedule to stay up to date with the Mini Truck Scene! It just fuels me to keep doing new things with the site and continuing to deliver some badass photos. So, on with the pics…


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