Showfest 2010 – Tunica, Mississippi

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Back in May of this year, I rode down to Tunica, MS with a bunch of friends to Sam’s Town Casino. This is the furthest I’ve ever been to a truck show. The show I’m talking about is Showfest. I’ve never been but I heard amazing things about it from back in the day when it was in Greenville. A ton of Aftermath members from all over were going, so us Ohio boys had to make the journey.

I was packing my shit at home on Thursday around 7pm, chilling with my girlfriend Samantha (Sammy, Sam, girl, roommate #1, etc…). I had just sold my last Jeep Cherokee to a guy who drove 3 hours to get it after buying it on eBay. Being glad that headache was gone, I was ready to relax at a truck show all weekend. Not soon after I started packing my camera gear, I hear a bunch of noise coming from outside, then a short time later, a bunch of noise in my house. I had no idea what the hell was going on.

I made it downstairs and seen a large amount of drunk bastards (Aftermath Ohio) running around in the driveway and some made it inside to search my fridge for more beer. Then Freeman pulled up towing his doored Silverado and he was blocking the east-bound lane of my road. Needless to say, my house, driveway, and even some of the road in front of my house stood out as random people were driving by. I have great friends!

So we ended up leaving the gas station in Englewood, OH around 8:30 and we were on the road. We didn’t even make it to Cincinnati and Tayfur made us get off an exit so he could show us where he worked. I think our next stop was somewhere in northern KY to move the trailed bodydrop. Back on the road and the alcohol was still flowing (for the passengers, I do not recommend drinking and driving of any kind, unless it is the go-karts at Long’s Retreat). We made a real late pitstop at a gas station somewhere in KY and I must say, they had the best fried/boneless chicken I’ve ever eaten. I wish I knew what the place was called. And they sold us beer at like 3am and it was some grape beer called Beer30. Very odd. We traveled just a bit further and stopped at a rest stop for a long nap.

I woke up wet in the bed of Freeman’s bodydrop. I think everyone wanted me to think I pissed myself. I swear, these people are my friends. On the road again, we made a gas station stop and a McD’s breakfast run. We ended up getting to the hotel before noon. We got all checked in, got to our room, and it was time for beer.

I must say, there was some amazing quality rides there. People from all over to show support and keep this show alive. I’ll definitely be back. I also like staying at a casino. It could be dangerous. I mean I did lose $100 at the penny slots within 15 minutes on Friday night. Pretty shitty, actually didn’t even think that was possible, but then I won $400 at poker. Coming out $300 ahead is always good in my book. Glad I’ve learned to stop while I’m ahead. We hit up the pool, played beer pong, and drank a lot of Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Miller High Life (32oz cans). Oh, I almost forgot to mention. The Little Shop of Horrors has been doing these crazy contests. At this show, if you ate a pickled pigs foot, you got a shirt. It was hard to even be near that madness, but I got some shots of people killin it. The show was hot but I had to walk around and capture some badass rides. I haven’t traveled that far for a show so of course there was a ton of trucks I’ve never seen before. All in all, it was one of my favorite shows and I can’t wait til next year. Although, I think we’ll skip the ghetto McDonald’s on the way home in Memphis. Very sketchy environment to say the least. Click here for all the coverage!


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