Slamology 2010 – Indianapolis, Indiana

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I busted ass trying to get my truck drivable to Slamology this year. The main reason is it hasn’t been to a show since Slamology 2008 and I thought it was fitting if I brought it back exactly 2 years later. Well, it didn’t happen. Too much left to do and I didn’t want to risk it. Now this show isn’t the biggest but it has got to be the best show that is this close to Dayton, OH. I went in ’08, ’09, and now this year. I will say there is a lot of partying that goes on after the show back at the hotels. This year was no different!

Another Aftermath member named Tim was came knockin on my door around 7am that Saturday. We were some of the crew that didn’t take off work on Friday to make it to the show early. We rolled into McD’s to get some breakfast and met at the local Meijer waiting on a few stragglers. A few minutes later, it began to rain. Great. Well we waited around for about 10-15 minutes and the rest of the crew made there way to our small parking lot cruise-in. We were now on our way to the show. Again, this is one of the closest real minitruckin shows, so we jumped on I-70 for a quick hour or so cruise over to the southeastern part of Indianapolis. They rain was over once we stopped at a gas station about half way. We were even more stoked!

Of course once we get to the fairgrounds, I remembered I pre-registered my truck, and so did Tim. Well, I told him I’d split his with him and I jokingly said I was gonna scalp mine. Little did I know that within the hour, I’d be standing next to the spectator parking booth slanging a couple tickets for the full price. Win! So I made my way back to the Aftermath/DMT area, only to walk through some mud and dodge the massive lake in the center of the grass area. Oh well, I didn’t care, I was ready to relax all weekend and chill with the crew.

As soon as I find a shady spot under the E-Z Up, I noticed everyone had their drinking faces on. Hops for breakfast? No, not me. Well, after sitting around for an hour or so, a beer did sound good. I didn’t have a cooler to bring any in, but I did have the bag to my fold-up chair, and that conveniently holds about 8 cans of Strohs. Who knew? Shortly after I stored those in someone’s cooler, I would realize why a 15-pack only costs $8. Not the best tasting beer, but it gets the job done.

So I’m sippin on some suds and I started my new ritual, slang some merch at the shows. I just got in some Aftermath Ohio shirts and DMT hats. These were selling out like the nachos/tacos over at the Moe’s booth. Damn those were good. At one point, I think everyone had something from them. Once I had a good buzz going, I decided to get the camera gear out and take some pics. Of course it was blazing hot out, like most shows in the summer, but I was determined to get some good ones. This is a close show so I have seen several of these rides before, but some of them I’ve never seen before, and I’m talking high-quality, magazine-cover rides. But the minitrucker in me is always in awe when I see an old school mini sporting a stock, weathered paint job, laid out on white walls or big billets. And yes, I seen a few.

After taking some pics for a while, I had to get a lemonade shake up. To this day, I still have no clue why I get those. It’s like watered down lemonade with seeds all in it. Oh well, it hydrated me for a short while. Heading back to where everyone was, I was hearing talk of leaving soon. So we were gathering our things to head back to the hotel where the real party was about to begin. I rode in Tayfur’s extended cab area of his recently bodied F150. We all kept hearing this noise as we were about to get off the highway. We jumped out and noticed the lugnuts weren’t 100% tightened. Holy shit that could have been bad. So on we went to thee ol Red Roof Inn, across from the host hotel.

Once there, it took no time for the real drinking to begin. People had beer pong setup, shots were being poured, shotgunning beers, and more. The real excitement was the small road separating the two hotels. This is where everyone gets their trucks built for draggin out for some serious sparks. Or even the big donks who came to roast of their brand new 26″ tires doing crazy burnouts. Even my buddy Kenny in a bodydropped S10 was famous overnight from his massive burnout. A built small block in a minitruck is obviously going to smoke the tires until you run out of gas. And while all this was going on, we were fortunate enough to see a real romance taking place right next to us. An elderly gentleman had himself a young Asian girl. She was very young and very Asian and was dressed like she was late to a low budget foreign gangbang film. We overheard their conversation, text messages, etc… and knew we better keep an eye on them later.

Well we were pretty lit from all the alcohol and the late night dragging and burnouts were still going strong, but were did our new couple run off too. Oh I know, in the hotel room right next to ours! This was a free ticket to mess with them as best as we could. At one point, he even answered the door and shouted at us to be quiet. But my right hand man Boog Diggler put him in his place with this response, “Hey, prostitution is illegal.” And then, he slowly walked back in to his room where his Asian queen was in her ready-for-whatever-position on the bed. We didn’t hear from him again, but some seen them at the show the next day. What really happened in that room? The world may never know. I made an early exit Saturday night and went to bed, ready for another hot day on Sunday at the show.

I woke up to people saying, why did you lock us out last night? Not sure what they were talking about. But I found out I must have locked the hotel room door with the latch and they had to break it down to get in. Too much alcohol. I was starved so I walked to Steak and Shake and bashed on a huge meal! Oh wait, this was right after I was still laying in bed and a hotel lady was yelling something into our room. I quoted Fast and Furious as I always do and said, “Some other time pizza lady.” Well, not an exact quote, but it sure pissed her off! She began saying things like, “You are lucky I need this job.” and “I’ll show you pizza lady!” Minutes later she came back with a moldy ass pizza she found on the ground and said, “Here’s your pizza lady!” Well that was good for a few laughs to say the least.

Off to the show we went for day 2. Man it was another hot one out there. It was another day under the tents staying hydrated. But I managed to walk around and shoot some more trucks for my personal collection and to share with all of you. We didn’t stick around for awards, and we normally don’t. It’s just something we aren’t worried about. After leaving that show in the early afternoon, I knew for sure my truck would be ready for Camp and Drag. I couldn’t take it anymore, going to shows with no truck. All in all, Slamology is a damn good show to attend. It’s not the show of the year and piled full of magazine cover trucks everywhere you look, but it sure worth the drive. If you have never been, at least go out all day Saturday next year. I’ll be there for sure. Click here for all the coverage!

Badass Old School Mini

Amazing Paint & Pinstriping

Smith Chassis' Freshly Painted Colorado

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