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This past weekend was my 4th trip to Indianapolis for the Slamology show. But it was the first time my girlfriend has ever been. In fact, it was the first show she has ever been to. I’ve been a minitrucker since the day we met, and I’ll be one til I die, so it was important to me for her attend at least one of these shows.

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We both had to work on Friday and decided to save a little bit of money and not get a hotel on Friday night. So we woke up super early (for a Saturday) and hit the road. Of course I was up til 2:30am cleaning my wheels, so energy drinks were a must. Even though I’ve never polished these billets in the 3.5 years I’ve owned them (ya, I’m an idiot), they did come out pretty shiny. Although there were some small pits here and there on all the wheels. And it rained all the way there, a little that night, and all the way home. To say they got a bath was an understatement.

This show is actually the closest to us so the drive wasn’t too bad. Just under 2 hours I do believe. Once we arrived, picked up the registration info, and parked, it was time to relax! We had a nice showing in our section, about 7 or 8 badass trucks. The ez-ups were instantly setup which helped a lot as the sun was already burning us (some of us are the whitest human beings ever). I walked around for a good couple of hours and snapped some great photos. A lot of people talk about this show and say there is no quality, but I’d disagree for the most part. There were a handful of rides that I’ve never seen before and they blew me away with all the detail!

There were contests, a large assortment of vendors, and you can’t forget all the live music they have playing all day. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of the music that is played for some reason. I think a lot would agree with me on that. On another note, I think this is also the first show I’ve ever been to that my cooler wasn’t just filled with beer. We brought sandwiches and snacks and that was a good way to save some money at the show and also not have to leave the fairgrounds to go eat somewhere.

After a 6-8 hour session at the show, we decided to leave around 5 and check in at the hotel. Most of us were at the Red Roof Inn, across from the La Quinta Inn (the host hotel). There were only 4 of us in our room. Pretty weird that everyone slept in a bed. Usually we have like 4-6 people sleeping on the floor too (very sanitary by the way). Speaking of sanitary, we all think there was dried up blood on our hotel wall. Crime scene evidence for free!!

Once we all had our shit stored in the room, the rain started again, and we felt a nice Mexican dinner was what we needed. El Puerto was pretty damn good and was only a couple minutes away. I found it odd that they didn’t have any bottles of habanero hot sauce. Oh well, after eating too much food, we ventured across the street to the liquor store for some liquid courage. I glanced over and noticed a fireworks store at the other end of the shopping center. I thought to myself, this is a bad combo all in one small strip mall.

Back at the hotel with all of our random alcohol, it was time to get the party started. We were immediately introduced to our friendly neighbors, and one of them (a female) had already began partying like the world was ending the next day. Fortunately for her, a couple of our Ohio guys were down to hang out with her for awhile, which was good for some entertainment/laughing. Shortly after, she made her exit and was not seen again. That’s probably a good thing.

The last couple years proved that Victory Drive (the two lane road between the hotels) was a road made for late night shenanigans! And this year was no different. I’d say that last year was more crazier than this year, but it was still a good time. Some nice mini truck (and Cavalier) dragging, donks on 30’s doing burnouts, and high horsepower cars/trucks flying up and down the road, among other goodness.

And within no time, the law showed up to shut the shit down. Like always, some people didn’t get the memo and keep on acting crazy until the cops escort them away, write tickets, or in a lucky case maybe just a warning. We even seen a big dump truck get pulled over for honking his horn too many times. One of the funniest things we seen was a cop get super pissed at the people throwing the beach balls across the street. He slammed on his brakes at one point, got out of his car, grabbed the large beach ball, and proceeded to stuff it into the back of his car. The funny thing was it was way too big to fit in there and he spent a couple minutes kicking it in and throwing his body at it trying to stuff it in. The crowd booed at first, then when they noticed Johnny Law having problems getting it to fit, they were overjoyed with excitement. It was pretty epic.

After that, it stayed pretty calm out there. Me and a couple guys ventured over to Steak & Shake for fourth-meal and found a fluffy/nerdy girl who wasn’t shy about “liking anal”. After our near vomit experience, we headed back and called it a night after a couple more beers. It was a pretty early night compared to other truck shows. I think I was in bed before 2am.

Waking up Sunday, I had planned on going to the show for a few hours. But again, the rain was coming down and we decided to just get some lunch and head home. Besides, it was Father’s Day and that called for some celebrating with my old man. And yes, I drove all the way to the show with no hood and all the way with no home. I swear, the rain only turns into a downpour when I have my truck out with no hood. In closing, I had a good time, my girlfriend had a good time, and I think we all added some badass memories to talk about for years to come. In 26 days, I hope to see you all at Camp & Drag!

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