Stay True Kustoms Open House

I know this is primarily a minitruck site, but I think we all love some badass hot rods. I know I do, especially the atmosphere of these type of shows. I first heard about Stay True Kustoms through my tattoo artist, Justin Wilson, when he mentioned his car was being built by them. I knew I had to check them out. After looking at their website and following them on Facebook, I was excited to hear they where having an open house/cruise-in.

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My truck is tore down at the moment, so I rode with my buddy in his bodied Zu. We got there around noon and there were already several rides. They had good music playing all day, some awesome food being cooked on the grill, ice cold cans of PBR, and a lot of cool ass people having a great time. And the weather was perfect! Various rides were coming and going the whole time we where there. A lot of custom bikes, hot rods, and more.

It was cool to see all the rides in their shop that they were working on, as well as meet the owner who is super cool. The Freak Show Deluxe crew was insane! Nails in their face, darts in their stomach, bear traps on their hands, it was hard to watch at times. Haha. I had to leave around 6 which was right before the band played, but I know the party probably continued well into the night.

Right before we left, the Zu got a best paint award, which was an old paint gun with some awesome pinstriping and lettering work. If you’ve ever been to the Blacktop Bash at Sinister Hot Rods, it’s pretty much like that. I think I’ve already heard this is going to be an annual thing, so I’m already excited for the next one! Enjoy the photos, a couple short videos, and be sure to check out Stay True Kustoms today!

Stay True Kustoms
4025 Lisa Drive, Unit E
Tipp City, OH 45371

Phone: 937.414.0186

Show Coverage: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3


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